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Effective project management is an integral part of reaching corporate goals.  Project planning has an impact on all input/output stages from time and budget management of the company to corporate culture, employee satisfaction and product quality.

All these factors are especially important in a translation project. As a result, the translation process for all your documents and products should comply with your financial goals and corporate culture. Do not let your need for  language support constrain you from getting into new markets. A proper project management will open the doors of new markets to you.

Optimal time and budget

All the stages of the translation process from the  contact to the delivery of the documents are described in detail in the ISO 17100 industrial quality standard. Since it is subject to relevant inspections every 6 months to confirm that it complies with all the requirements of the mentioned standard, Orient provides the most appropriate human resources and technical toolservices with the optimal budget and time management for your project. The most reliable Project Management Tool and server management system of the sector is used at Orient   to offer a seamless project and data management.

In addition, the confidentiality of your corporate data is secured through a data management approach following GDPR and a corporate confidentiality contract. Use our network of experienced translators and editors dispersed around the world through an agile project communication that applies  to your changing content needs and corporate goals and through a project management process that is organized based on the size of your company.

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