Translation refers to the transfer of your message to relevant target languages to reach your target audience all over the world. This process consists of planning the project workflow, then preparing the translation kit, assigning the translation team with the required area of expertise, the actual translation activity, quality assurance, formatting and delivery.

At Orient, we also provide transcreation services with our  multi-skilled team that is culturally aware, where the translation alone is not enough.

We ensure that your texts comply with the regulations and terminology in the target language. We use translation memories (TM) specific to the project and we store the translated texts, as a result of which we bring down the project costs, speed up the translation process and offer terminological consistency.

Orient Translation provides translation and localization services from English and German into Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Greek and Bulgarian with its experienced translators team. We only work with native linguists.

Upon demand, we reduce possible risks with our proofreading services performed by experts in the relevant areas. This ensures that the delivered project complies with the scientific literature and the standards.

In addition, we process your projects on our server management system which provides the highest level of security for your data.

Risk-Free Translation

Reduce risk by working with us and enjoy peace of mind!

Translation, inaccurate terminology use and inappropriate localization output for the target market may result in messages that are misunderstood, increasing costs and deterioration of brand reputation, putting you in a difficult situation.

At Orient, we complete all the steps of the project in line with the criteria set forth in the ISO 17100 standard specific to the translation sector.

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