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Automotive industryWe translate engineering, software and marketing content with the help of our team of specialized translators, including mechanical engineers.
Life SciencesIn this industry which we know by heart, we support the multi language vendors with our services based on years of experience.
PatentPatent agencies choose us because working with us brings advantages and convenience to them through our timely and error-free delivery, meeting the required standards.
Information TechnologyOur team of expert translators specialized in several fields translates your content prepared for desktop and mobile applications and games in an accurate way compatible with your digital platform.

Building bridges between cultures

Orient Translation Services was established in 2007. As we gain more and more experience, we continue to grow as a reputable translation services provider in the industry.

Thanks to our facilitative approach, we have become the language provider of a growing number of multi-language vendors (MLV) and direct clients.

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