Translation memory (TM) is a type of database which enables to store translated texts and use them in the future for reference. During a translation project, first we specify the sector specific terms and create a project glossary. We have the quality controlled terminology glossary used during the translation stage and then we store the translated text and the term glossary in our memory storage system. Translation memory management is performed through computer aided translation tools (CAT tools).

Thanks to our TM system, we bring down project costs and speed up the translation process. And with the help of terminology management tools, we keep the terminology consistent. Your translation memory database will be a valuable asset for your company in your global growth path.

You can request terminology and translation memory management services from us either within the scope of the translation service or as an independent service.


We guarantee the use of correct terminology thanks to the solid terminology database we have accumulated over the years!

Our translation teams consist of experienced translators who have a good command of terminology in the target language, and we offer them access to our terminology databases. We can either create a terminology glossary specific to your project, or we can work with the terminology glossaries provided by you.

In addition, we support most of the TM formats commonly used in the industry. We update our databases according to the feedback from our customers and we can work with multiple databases simultaneously on different projects. We provide access to the translation memories of the completed projects any time upon your request.

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